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MPG22 - Gas parameter meter

The meter is designed to measure humidity, temperature and absolute pressure of gases, including dusty gases. Gas parameters are measured in the temperature range from 0 to 200 °C. Based on the dry gas density in contractual conditions (0°C, 1013hPa) provided by the user, the device calculates the degree of gas moisture, the density of wet gas in contractual conditions and the gas density in measurement conditions. The instrument comes with a computer program that allows you to set the density for the required gas, including both pure air and other gas mixtures.- datalied description

FCM41 - Fast gas concentration meter

The FCM41 fast gas concentration meter is used to determine the concentration of a N2O or CO2. The concentration value is expressed in ppm. The meter uses the method of non-dispersive absorption of infrared radiation to determine the concentration. Gas samples are introduced into the measuring chamber of the meter continuously through sampling tubes. Gas flow through the measuring chamber is forced by an additional SMP50 sampling module or by any external suction pump. The small volume of the measuring chamber, the small diameter and length of the sampling tubes, together with the appropriate flow rate of gas samples through the chamber, ensure good dynamic properties of the meter. Gas concentration measurements are performed with a frequency of 4Hz.- datalied description

SPM50 - Sampling pump module

The sampling pump module is used to draw gas samples into the sampling tube and deliver them to the specified meter. The design and parameters of the module have been adapted to work with SENSOTRON meters, for example the FCM41 fast gas concentration meter.- datalied description