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Ultrasonic gas velocity meter, model WMPG10

Construction and Applications

     The WMPG10 Vortex Gas Velocity Meter has been designed for a broad range of (pure and dusted) gas velocity measurements in flow channels, also at low speeds (below 3 m/s), which cannot be measured with impact pressure tubes. The WMPG10 is composed of a measuring probe with compact design, whose longitudinal dimension is 42 mm (passes through a standard M64x4 ferrule) and a meter featuring a graphical display and RAM memory, supplied from an accumulator. The WMPG-10 does not need to know gas density (temperature, pressure and chemical composition) for gas velocity and gas steam volume measurements (after stating a cross-sectional area of the channel).

The WMPG10 meter front panel view
The measuring probe of WMPG10 meter
Technical data
measured gas velocity range, m/s 0,6 ÷ 40
resolution, m/s 0,01 in range 0,6 ÷ 25
0,1 in range 25 ÷ 40
expanded uncertainty, 95% 1%
expanded uncertainty, 95%, in case of the probe rotation ±15° 5%
max segment arm length of probe, m 5
thread of a screw mounting the probe (option) M64x4
probe range of temperatures of the work, °C 0 ÷ 240
instrument range of temperatures of the work, °C 0 ÷ 50
number of measurements records stored in the internal memory up to 16 000
range of automatic recording period, s 1 ÷ 999
range of averaging time, s 1 ÷ 120
supply from built-in accumulators or by external power supply
dimension (height x width x length), mm 210 x 330 x 180
weight without probe and external power supply, kg 5