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We are offering the following measurement equipment:

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

designed for measuring and recording carbon dioxide concentration, relative humidity, air temperature and barometric pressure. The values measured can be used for identifying ventilation and air-conditioning efficiency, ventilation air change rate and its variation in time due to outdoor weather conditions and occupant activities, infiltration between separated spaces, air quality assessment, etc. Recorded data can be used also for air density and enthalpy assessment - detailed description

Indoor Air Quality Monitor, model PS33

Fast gas concentration meter

designed for fast measuring and recording tracer gas concentration. The instrument can be used for accurate assessment of exposure to indoor air pollution. - detailed description

Ultrasonic gas velocity meter

designed for a broad range of (pure and dusted) gas velocity measurements in flow channels, also at low speeds (below 3 m/s), which cannot be measured with impact pressure tubes. The Meter is composed of a measuring probe with compact design and a meter featuring a graphical display and RAM memory, supplied from an accumulator. The Meter does not need to know gas density for gas velocity and gas steam volume measurements (after stating a cross-sectional area of the channel) - detailed description

Ultrasonic gas velocity meter, model WMPG10

Thermoanemometer - air velocity meter

designed for determining air speed and temperature; it is applied in air-conditioning and ventilation for determining air speed in ventilation ducts, as well as in industrial processes measurements; the measuring ranges from 0.5 ÷ 40 m/s within the temperature range of 0 ÷ 260 °C; the probe design allows for measurements under varied conditions, also in aggressive environments - detailed description

Thermoanemometer, model TA20

Barometer - absolute pressure meter

designed for measurement of absolute pressure in the range of 50 ÷ 1500 hPa, with uncertainty of reading lower than ±1 hPa. The result is displayed with resolution of 0,1 hPa. The Meter is portable system containing built-in accumulators, in plastic housing of high quality (dimensions: 150x85x30mm) - detailed description

Barometer - absolute pressure meter, model CMCB11